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How OKCoin Bihang Is Preparing For

OKCoin_小英 published on OKCoin update Announcements 2017-07-25 14:14 1990
How OKCoin Bihang Is Preparing For Bitcoin and BCC (Bitcoin Cash)

Dear user,

With August 1, 2017 fast approaching, the Bitcoin fork discussions have reached a feverous level. In recent days, many OKCoin Bihang users on social media, blogs, and forums have expressed their questions and concerns about the Bitcoin fork. OKCoin Bihang as a leading advanced digital trading platform servicing millions of users around the world want to clearly outline our policy in line with our objective to be market neutral and giving users their rightful ownership of the Bitcoin forks. Below we state our official policy for the new digital asset Bitcoin Cash (BCC).

First, the New York Agreement’s Segwit2x (BIP 91) has successfully locked in, and the current network is stable and it does not appear that there will be a fork event with UASF (BIP148). OKCoin Bihang will continue to offer full trading support. On the other hand, BCC is a digital asset based on the Bitcoin ABC software. Bitcoin ABC has contained within its release a dynamic difficulty adjustment, does not include SegWit, and increases the block size to 8 MB. BCC will begin to be mined on August 1, at 20:20.

We believe that BCC changed the BTC technology parameters with the use of the dynamic difficulty adjustment. BCC is therefore a new digital asset, and its future development and that of BTC will be distinctly different. We wish to clearly distinguish between BCC and BTC.

OKCoin Bihang Policy:

1. On 2017 August 20, 20:20 If you have a BTC balance, we will additionally give the same balance of BCC to your account at the appropriate time.
2. From July 30, 2017 00:00 to August 3, 00:00, we will halt deposits and withdrawals in order to prevent replay attacks. We recommend that you deposit your bitcoins in advance in order to not interrupt your trading capabilities.
3. In order to take every precaution against replay attacks leading to the loss of BCC or BTC, OKCoin Bihang will be conducting appropriate testing and the resumption of deposits and withdraws may be ahead of schedule or delayed.

Going forward, OKCoin Bihang will assess the state of BCC operations, its technology, the strength of its development team, market liquidity, compliance and other aspects to make our decision about supporting trading of BCC. We will take careful consideration and we thank you for your patience as we will make our announcement after August 1, 2017.

We at OKCoin Bihang wish to continue providing you with better products and better services!

OKCoin Bihang:400-888-6636
July 25, 2017




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