OKCoin provides solutions for some frequently encountered errors. Should you have any other questions, feel free to contact us via QQ group: 334662836.email:api@okcoin.com We will provide technical support at soonest possible time.

1、What are FIX common error messages?
FIX common error messages often show in Tag58. Some common error messages are shown in the following list. For details, refer to ResponseErrorTemplate class.
1). Connection is lost as a result of 'Tag35=5' when sending message. Main reason could be repeated 'senderID', illegal 'partner' or 'securitykey'.
2). re-logon after connection lost. Possible reason could be heartbeat message timeout (by default, connection is closed if no heartbeat within 60s)
3). Tag58=account not logon (possible Tag553 or Tag554 missing)
4). Tag58=account not equal with logoned
5). Tag58=required Tag missing
6). Tag58=not valid value in Tag
7). Tag58= side is not correct value
8). Tag58= order has been canceled, but get order status failed(cancellation finished, fail when request RestAPI)
9). Tag59 =price is not num
10). Tag60 =order wide price (order price out of legal range)
11). Tag61 =request too frequently
12). Tag62 =don't have enough money or BTC or LTC



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