*VIP Status will never expire
*Once enough points have been accumulated, you will automatically be uprgraded to the corresponding VIP status
*OKCoin reserves the right to modify the VIP policies at any time
*The BTC and LTC trading fees are the same
近30天比特币交易量 Taker(吃单成交)费率 Maker(挂单成交)费率
小于等于50 0.20% 0.20%
大于50,小于等于200 0.18%
大于200,小于等于600 0.16%
大于600,小于等于1500 0.14%
大于1500,小于等于5000 0.12%
大于5000 0.10%
Reward Points' Benefits
User Level Required Points BTC Withdraw LTC Withdraw CNY Withdraw
Ordinary User <8,888 0% 0% 0.50%
VIP1 ≥8,888 0% 0% 0.45%
VIP2 ≥88,888 0% 0% 0.40%
VIP3 ≥288,888 0% 0% 0.38%
VIP4 ≥588,888 0% 0% 0.35%
VIP5 ≥888,888 0% 0% 0.30%
Golden Account Paid Upgrade 0% 0% 0.30%
How To Earn More Reward Points
Action Points Status
Login 2 Earn two points for every day you login
Deposit CNY (Deposit Volume*0.01) Rounded to the nearest whole number
Deposit BTC/LTC (Converted to CNY0.01) Rounded to the nearest whole number
Transaction Volume 1 earn one point for every 100 CNY worth of BTC/LTC bought/sold (limited to 10,000 points/day)
Total Assets in Account (Converted to CNY0.001) Total assets in the account calculated at lowest point in the day
Site Suggestions 100 For every suggestion accepted 100 points are awarded
Action Points Status
Confirm your registration 500 Confirm your registration Reward 500 Points
Confirm your email address 100 Confirm your registration Reward 100 Points
Add your phone for 2FA 1,000 Add your phone for 2FA Reward 1,000 Points
Add Google Authenticator 2FA 1,000 Add Google Authenticator 2FA Reward 1,000 Points
First BTC Deposit 2,000 First BTC Deposit Reward 2,000 Points
First LTC Deposit 2,000 First LTC Deposit Reward 2,000 Points
First CNY Deposit 2,000 First CNY Deposit Reward 2,000 Points
First Trade 1,000 First Trade Reward 1,000 Points


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