WebSocket URL: wss://real.okcoin.cn:10440/websocket/okcoinapi
Send Request

Request Data Format: {'event':'addChannel','channel':'channelValue','parameters':{'api_key':'value1','secret_key':'value2'}}.
Note: 'event':'addChannel'(register request)/'removeChannel'(unregister request)
'channel': OKCoin provided data type.
'parameters': optional field
binary optional field,compression value: 1 compression data ,0 decompression data default 0 'api_key' and 'secret_key' is apply 'apiKey' and 'secretKey' for users.
websocket.send("{'event':'addChannel','channel':'ok_btccny_ticker','binary':'1' }")
websocket.send("[{'event':'addChannel','channel':'ok_btccny_ticker'},{'event':'addChannel','channel':'ok_btccny_depth'},{'event':'addChannel','channel':'ok_btccny_trades'}]"); Support batch register

Server Response

Return Data Format:

channel: requested data type
result: true,false(applicable to WebSocket Trade API)
data: returned data
errorcode: error code(applicable to WebSocket Trade API)
Error Code Description
10000 Required parameter is empty
10001 Illegal parameters
10002 Authentication failure
10003 This connection has requested other user data
10004 This connection did not request this user data
10005 System error
10008 Parameter erorr
10009 Order does not exist
10010 Insufficient funds
10011 Order quantity too low
10012 Only support btc_usd ltc_usd
10014 Order price must be between 0 - 1,000,000
10015 Channel subscription temporally not available
10016 Insufficient coins
10017 WebSocket authorization error
10100 user frozen
10216 non-public API
10049 User can not have more than 50 unfilled small orders (amount<0.15BTC)
20001 user does not exist
20002 user frozen
20003 frozen due to force liquidation
20004 contract account frozen
20005 user contract account does not exist
20006 required field can not be null
20007 illegal parameter
20008 contract account fund balance is zero
20009 contract status error
20010 risk rate information does not exist
20011 risk rate bigger than 90% before opening position
20012 risk rate bigger than 90% after opening position
20013 temporally no counter party price
20014 system error
20015 order does not exist
20016 liquidation quantity bigger than holding
20017 not authorized/illegal order ID
20018 order price higher than 105% or lower than 95% of the price of last minute
20019 IP restrained to access the resource
20020 secret key does not exist
20021 index information does not exist
20022 wrong API interface
20023 fixed margin user
20024 signature does not match
20025 leverage rate error
20100 request time out
20101 the format of data is error
20102 invalid login
20103 event type error
20104 subscription type error
20107 JSON format error
Data Push Process

To reduce data size and ensure real-time data push, 'ticker' and 'depth' will only be pushed only when new data is available. 'trades' is newly completed transactions from previous data push to this data push.

How to know whether connection is lost?

OKCoin provides heartbeat verification process. Clients send: {'event':'ping'} per 30 seconds, the server returns heartbeats {"event":"pong"} to indicate connection between the clients and the server. If the clients stop receiving the heartbeats, then they will need to reconnect with the server.



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