The root url is:
All requests go over https protocol, The field 'contentType' in request header should be: 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'.

Request Process

There are four simple steps to the request process.

1. Request parameter: construct the request parameters according to each API interface.
2. Submit request: use POST or GET method to send request to server.
3. Server respond: server processes request and returns data to users in JSON format after authentication check.
4. Data processing: the client processes the returned data.

Error Code
Error Code Description
10000 Required field, can not be null
10001 Request frequency too high to exceed the limit allowed
10002 System error
10003 Not in reqest list, please try again later
10004 This IP is not allowed to access
10005 'SecretKey' does not exist
10006 'Api_key' does not exist
10007 Signature does not match
10008 Illegal parameter
10009 Order does not exist
10010 Insufficient funds
10011 Amount too low
10012 Only btc_cny ltc_cny supported
10013 Only support https request
10014 Order price must be between 0 and 1,000,000
10015 Order price differs from current market price too much
10016 Insufficient coins balance
10017 API authorization error
10018 borrow amount less than lower limit [cny:100,btc:0.1,ltc:1]
10019 loan agreement not checked
10020 rate cannot exceed 1%
10021 rate cannot less than 0.01%
10023 fail to get latest ticker
10024 balance not sufficient
10025 quota is full, cannot borrow temporarily
10026 Loan (including reserved loan) and margin cannot be withdrawn
10027 Cannot withdraw within 24 hrs of authentication information modification
10028 Withdrawal amount exceeds daily limit
10029 Account has unpaid loan, please cancel/pay off the loan before withdraw
10031 Deposits can only be withdrawn after 6 confirmations
10032 Please enabled phone/google authenticator
10033 Fee higher than maximum network transaction fee
10034 Fee lower than minimum network transaction fee
10035 Insufficient BTC/LTC
10036 Withdrawal amount too low
10037 Trade password not set
10040 Withdrawal cancellation fails
10041 Withdrawal address not exist or approved
10042 Admin password error
10043 Account equity error, withdrawal failure
10044 fail to cancel borrowing order
10047 this function is disabled for sub-account
10048 withdrawal information does not exist
10049 User can not have more than 50 unfilled small orders (amount<0.15BTC)
10050 can't cancel more than once
10052 not allowed to withdraw
10100 User account frozen
10101 order type is wrong
10102 incorrect ID
10103 the private otc order's key incorrect
10216 Non-available API
1002 The transaction amount exceed the balance
1003 The transaction amount is less than the minimum requirement
1004 The transaction amount is less than 0
1007 No trading market information
1008 No latest market information
1009 No order
1010 Different user of the cancelled order and the original order
1011 No documented user
1013 No order type
1014 No login
1015 No market depth information
1017 Date error
1018 Order failed
1019 Undo order failed
1024 Currency does not exist
1025 No chart type
1026 No base currency quantity
1027 Incorrect parameter may exceeded limits
1028 Reserved decimal failed
1029 Preparing
1030 Account has margin and futures, transactions can not be processed
1031 Insufficient Transferring Balance
1032 Transferring Not Allowed
1035 Password incorrect
1036 Google Verification code Invalid
1037 Google Verification code incorrect
1038 Google Verification replicated
1039 Message Verification Input exceed the limit
1040 Message Verification invalid
1041 Message Verification incorrect
1042 Wrong Google Verification Input exceed the limit
1043 Login password cannot be same as the trading password
1044 Old password incorrect
1045 2nd Verification Needed
1046 Please input old password
1048 Account Blocked
1201 Account Deleted at 00: 00
1202 Account Not Exist
1203 Insufficient Balance
1204 Invalid currency
1205 Invalid Account
1206 Cash Withdrawal Blocked
1207 Transfer Not Support
1208 No designated account
1209 Invalid api
HTTP ERROR CODE 403 Too many requests, IP is shielded.
Request Timed Out Too many requests, IP is shielded.


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